Be Smart and Check Out Your Local Health Services

November 2008

Health Screening Tests for Free (or Inimal Fees)

To promote good health, local authorities offer check ups and screening for adults.

Persons who are unemployed and/or unable to participate in the health checks offered at their workplace are eligible. This means that some of the foreign researchers could probably fall under this category.

Each city sets up its own schedule of services and publications the information in the local bulletin/newspaper. The schedule is also available at the city office or health center.

Some larger cities will print the information in English, often online, but in smaller places with few foreigners you may have to ask a coworker to find out the information for you. Please take the time to check out what is available at your city. The time for registration and the way test are carried out varies and so I can't for sure say exactly how it will be for you, but here is some general information that is more or less the same for each city.

For details, please ask at your local health center or city office.

Commonly Available Check Ups for Adults

General Health Examination
Usually for people between 20-54, can include;
Physical measurements, Urinalysis, Blood test, Electrocardiogram, Chest X-ray, Vision and Optic check, etc
(Medical certificates are not given.)
Cancer Screening Tests
Stomach, Colon, Lung, etc for both men and women.
Cancer Screening for Women
Uterine cancer and breast cancer check are available for women.
Breast cancer test can be either clinical breast examination or mammograhy screening or sometimes in order women, both.
HIV Tests
Available for those who want it at the local public health centers.
It is supporsed to be confidential but being a foreigner you of course stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd so if you feel concerned about keeping you anonymity, it may be better to go to another city than where you live.
How to ....
When you apply at the city office, you will be given a list of clinics/hospitals where the tests can be done. Some tests are done at the local health center and some cities have buses that will come and park at designed places/dates for X-rays etc. These tests are mostly free of charge, but sometimes a small fee may be required.
If there is something found at the screening, you will get a notice about following up visits to the hospital for further tests and treatment.

As I wrote in the beginning, it varies so much from place to place. It is difficult to give any detailed information. One thing is sure though, it is worth a visit/phone call to the local city office to find out what is available in YOUR city.