Useful Websites & Such

March 2009

Part 2: Kanji reading on electric appliances

Once in a while I find an useful website for us foreigners in Japan.
Here I would like to share one with you. I think it is a really fantastic idea and I am very grateful to Ms. Yukiko Toyoshima who so gracefully allowed me to post it here for you.

A Door to the World of 漢字(Kanji)
You can just click on the different electronic appliances and it will show the English translation of the control panel. It also comes with a wordlist for each appliance and that too will be very useful for you. There is also a section for helping you to buy a ticket at the train station and a list of common traffic signs.

If you don't already know the webpage I do suggest that you check it out. It is really wonderful when you need to read a page that is written in Japanese.
You can even paste on a webpage and read that English translations. It also show you the Japanese pronunciation so it is double useful. My own personal favorite translation tool, I find it incredibly useful and easy to use.

Part 1

Here are some useful web pages to help you when you don't understand the Japanese that is written and need help. Even a "computer dummy " like myself can have great use of these.

jBrowse is a free plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can interpret Japanese web pages within your browser, inserting word definitions and furigana directly into a web page! jBrowse is also a full-featured Japanese dictionary and Kanji finder.
Babel Fish
Babel Fish translates text & Web pages in 10 languages.
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server
(Monash University Site)
A very interesting and useful webpage.

Homepages of some computer clubs:

Tokyo PC Users Group
Ringo MUG (Tokyo's English-language Mac User Group)
Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG)