Anna's TIPS & HINTS (1): for making your life in Japan even better


November 2009

If you live in a Japanese apartment, chances are you also have at least of those traditional closets that Japanese call

oshiire おしいれ 押し入れ

a name that have embarrassed many foreigners confusing it with "oshiri (おしり)" which means "butt".

Foreigners find it hard to use the "oshiire" effectively. Things tend to just get shoved inside which creates a mess. Adding to that, closets tend to get damp and moldy very quickly in Japan.

Someone said, "a picture say more than a thousand words"..... so here are some pictures of how you can improve your home by turning your messy, hard to use "oshiire" into a perfectly organized closet.

A wooden rack called "sunoko (すのこ)" will be useful to keep the air circulating by putting it on the floor of the "oshiire".
Can be bought at Home Centers or DIY shops and is very inexpensive.

A very smart way to hang your clothes

A wagon with wheels is practical

Many different kinds of drawers for "oshiire"

A little bit of work and your "oshire" will go to this......