Important Information about the NHI (National Health Insurance)

March 2010

The Japanese fiscal year runs from April to March so this month is the end of the fiscal year 2009. For those of you that are enrolled in the National Health Insurance, a new card will be sent to you in the mail, this card is to be used from April 1st.

National Health Insurance Certification Card

Usually the validity period is April 1st to March 31st (the whole fiscal year) is written on the card, but some cities/wards will write the period of your visa instead if your visa expires during the year.

For example;

if your visa expires on November 15th, the period on the card may be written

"April 1st ~ November 15th(4月1日~11月15日まで)"

After your visa is extended and you have updated your Alien Registration Card, just go to the Health insurance counter and they will change the validity date on the card. In order to get your new National Health Insurance card you have to be up to date with your payments. If you have unpaid National Health Insurance bills please remember to pay or you will find yourself without insurance.

If your National Health Insurance bills suddenly become very much higher than the previous year, it can be because you didn’t fill out a Tax declaration form.
(Please see the previous Anna Hotline "Tax Declaration Time (February 2010)")