Be Smart and Prepare for Disasters <Part 2>

June 2010

Disaster Message Dial Service "Saigai Dengon Dial"

I would like to tell you about a system that will help you to let your family & friends know your situation should an earthquake (or other disaster) happen where you are.

At the time of a major disaster, telephone lines often become so busy that people can’t get through for days. People are worried about a family member or friend in the earthquake stricken area and the person who happens to be there in the middle of the disaster too would like to get the message out that he/she is safe (or otherwise).

There are a special Disaster Message Dial service (called Saigai-Dengon-Dial in Japanese) set up by NTT. It works so that you can leave a message and your family & friends can listen to it. Please have a look at this webpage for details.

Saigai Dengon Dial


This service is very useful except for the fact that you need to have a land line phone in order to leave a message. Many foreigners don’t have a land line phone but only a mobile one. In that case you can use these services provided by the mobile phone company.