Tax Declaration Time

February 2011

Normally, the institute where you work will take care of your tax return and you will get a little slip of paper at the end of the year which is called “genzenchoshuhyo” ( 源泉徴収票 ), where it is written the information on how much you earned total for the year and how much tax was withheld.

You can however file your own version with the tax office if you think some important information was omitted. The administration at your institute can only submit what they know, and some are better than others at collecting all relevant information (deductions, etc.).

If, for example, you got married during the year and did not add your spouse as your dependent, you may do so at your tax declaration.

Your tax return is an important document which will determine the cost of your local taxes, health insurance cost (if you are enrolled in the N. H. Insurance), cost of your child's daycare and whether you can qualify for certain benefits and financial assistance.

The Tax declaration is done on weekdays between February 16 th to March 15 th 2011, at the Tsukuba city office 2 nd floor 9:00-16:00. (lunch break 12-13)

Also available on one Sunday, February 27 th 9:00-11:00 , 13:30-15:00

Can also be done before Feb.15 th at the Tsuchiura Tax office if you are applying to get a refund.

Here you can get all the information you need :

So what if you are here on a Fellowship and don't have any taxable income?

If you did not work in Japan before you got your fellowship, you do not need to do a Tax declaration as to your income tax since you do not have any income. On the other hand, it may be to your benefit to do a “0” income declaration for your local tax purposes.

The taxes are actually two; individual resident tax & prefectural resident tax.

In order for you to not be charged with these taxes and also to determinant the amount of your National Health Insurance fee (which is renewed every April) and the eligibility to receiving child support, free medical treatment for pregnant women etc, it is necessary for you to be registered in the system as “0” income person/family.

So if you are a person with no taxable income but

•  are enrolled in the National Health Insurance

•  have children

•  are pregnant

It could be useful to fill out a “0” tax declaration before March 15 th ,2011

Go to Tsukuba City Office, tax department (2 nd floor) and tell them that you want to do a “zero-shinkoku” (ゼロ申告) . The staff will help you to fill out the form which is not difficult. You just need to write your name & address and “0” in the income space. There is also a space where you write the “reason for not having any income”, you should write the name of your Fellowship there.