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JISTEC Support Service

What we keep telling ourselves at JISTEC is to "put ourselves in foreigners' shoes" when providing our support services. Many newcomers to Japan are bewildered by the language barrier as well as by the cultural and customs differences alike. JISTEC staff offers a helping hand when they are confronted with those challenges.

Daily-life Support Services Available in the Tsukuba Area <chargeable>

We provide professional services to mid-term and long-term residing foreign researchers and their families from the initial stages of their arrival in Tsukuba and surrounding areas.

【Main Contents】
・Accompanying and translating for our customers with procedures to be executed, such as alien registration, health insurance plan enrollment, resident searching and hospital visitation
・Daily life consultations by telephone
・Services are provided in Japanese, English and Chinese.
【Services available to】
Any foreign researcher working at a research institute in Tsukuba including their families.

For details and inquires concerning services fees, contact: