Schools and Education

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Name Address Phone no. Website
Tsukuba International School (Not on map) 7846-1 Kamigo, Tsukuba 029-886-5447 Link (English)
Teshirogi Middle School 5-10 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-852-0721 Link (Japanese)
Matsushiro Elementary School 3-3-1 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-852-9380 Link (Japanese)
Teshirogi Minami Elementary School 4-24 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-851-2461 Link (Japanese)
Matsushiro Preschool 2-18 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-851-4771  
Teshirogi Minami Preschool 4-16-2 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-852-0671  
Tsukuba Shiraho Preschool 427-1 Onozaki, Tsukuba 029-854-0025 Link (Japanese)
Matsushiro Nursery 2-21-3 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-855-0710 Link (Japanese)
Teshirogi Minami Nursery 4-15-1 Matsushiro, Tsukuba 029-851-9328 Link (Japanese)
Katsuragi Nursery 457-2 Nishi-Ohashi, Tsukuba 029-856-1016 Link (Japanese)
Sumire Nursery 311-1 Onozaki, Tsukuba 029-858-1202 Link (Japanese)
Aoi-Oka Nursery Ninomiya (Not on map) 4-4-37 Ninomiya, Tsukuba 029-850-3310 Link (Japanese)

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