How to keep the mosquitoes away


 A mosquito flying around in your room at night, the bzzzzzzzz sound so irritating and the itching so bad when they bite…….

Did you know that Japan has many various products that can help you keep those mosquitoes away?

Here are some of the most common ones that you can find in almost every shop.


Earth No-mat, water-based liquid vaporizer


You can get the type which you plug it in an electric outlet or battery-operated cordless ones. It comes with a liquid filled bottle which you place in the device. The time the liquid will last (if you use it 12 hours/day) is written on the bottle. You can choose from 30, 60, 90 or 180 days lasting. You can also find fragrance free types if you are sensitive to smell

A new type is the one where you just spray the room and it will keep the mosquitoes away for a couple of hours. There are a lot of different types, you can find them both in stores and online.


Mosquito repellant incense coil 

金鳥の渦巻(きんちょう かとりせんこう)


You can also use the more traditional incense coil. “Kinchou katorisenko” has been around for ages and is still used by many people. There are special pots you can buy to put the incense in which can be funny as well, like for example the one shown below in the form of a pig. It has a very strong smell and it is actually burning so you need to be careful where you put it.


Mosquito repellant device that can be hung anywhere


In the commercial for this product, which is called “mushikonaasu” (literally translated as “bugs don’t come”) they claim that just hanging it on the balcony, door or window will keep the mosquitoes away. It is without smell and need no electricity or batteries. When the skeleton container moves with the breeze, a repellant scent is released into the air.

This year the heat seems to be continuing into September, so the mosquitoes will be around for a while.