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An essential component of JISTEC’s main activities is the promotion of exchange with foreign institutes and researchers. JISTEC has carried out numerous projects in this area since its establishment, including the management of a work experience program for young researchers from the United States (1990-2001, commissioned by the Japan Science and Technology Corporation), management of an international workshop (1991-2004, commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology), and assistance with the JSPS Fellowship program (2001-2010, commissioned by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). Furthermore, with a focus on East Asia (and particularly China), JISTEC is making a large contribution to mutual understanding between countries through research aiming to facilitate the acceptance of foreign researchers (please refer to Survey Research Activities), as well as projects to support research exchange between graduate students in the sciences in Japan and Korea.

In addition to these activities, JISTEC also contributes to the promotion of exchange by providing support and coordination for the activities of externally funded foundations such as the Parliamentary Member’s International Exchange Fund on Science and Technology and the Ashida Fund (please refer to Other Related Activities)

Furthermore, as a solution provider for those involved in the science and technology, JISTEC will develop a new information disclosure model and provide originally designed lifestyle support systems for those in need (please refer to Independent Activities).

JISTEC has also compiled and publicized “Science & Technology, Industrial Tourism and International Exchange Facilities Database” as a reference to foreign visitors. The database contains facilities that cover such a wide range of  fields,  to shed a positive light in promoting further international exchange  among industry, government and academia.


JISTEC has an accomplished and lengthy track record as a coordinating organization for the acceptance of researchers from various foreign countries. As a result, it has a well-coordinated relationship with universities and research institutes all over Japan, as well as the Japan-based embassies and offices for other countries. At the same time, JISTEC also works to provide lifestyle support for foreign researchers in Japan. JISTEC is thus able to provide a combined support package of exchange activities and lifestyle assistance, from helping accepted researchers with the transition to their new lives in Japan, through to coordinating with host researchers and receiving institutions.

>>Assistance in secretariat services for "Sakura Science Club"

>>JENESYS2.0 - Program to promote exchange with Korean high school students through advanced technology and cultural experiences at earthquake-struck areas in Japan

>>Enforcement of "Planned Acitvity Course" in Sakura Science Plan

>> Winter Institute/ Research Communication Activities for Korean Graduate Students in Science and Technology

>> Summer Institute/ Research Communication Activities for Japanese Graduate Students in Science and Technology

>>Japan-China Female Scientist Beijing Symposium