[ Parliamentary Member's International Exchange Fund on Science and Technology ]

The ‘Parliamentary Member’s International Exchange Fund on Science and Technology’ is a fund that was established in 1999 with the aim of strengthening international exchange in areas related to science and technology at the parliamentary level.  

JISTEC supports the fund by coordinating the initiatives for carrying out exchanges. Through the fund, Japanese parliamentary members and experts from the field of science and technology make visits to the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and other regions or countries for dialogue on science and technology issues with the parliamentary and government members of those countries. Members of parliament and government representatives from those countries are also invited to Japan, in order to promote mutual understanding through exchanging opinions and sharing views on issues of common interest. In recent years, and particularly in relation to the co-hosting of the STS forum, JISTEC has been assisting with preparatory activities such as the invitation of policy makers from various different countries to attend events, and the securing of their cooperation. In addition to this, JISTEC also provides support for separate bilateral exchanges between countries.