[ TOMONOKAI - Remote Life Support System ]

Having abundant expertise in providing support to foreign researchers’ life in Japan, JISTEC has designed a remote support system "TOMONOKAI - One Stop Support Club" as opposed to our conventional face to face support.  This way, hosting institutions may still provide day to day support economically whenever the need arises.

JISTEC will reply to basic inquiries and requests through e-mail or by telephone, and if the situation calls for face to face support, our staff will attend to each researcher’s request by providing on-site support. You may utilize this service as a kind of insurance to fall back on and to have a source to rely on in times of emergency.

* For details please check Support Menu from below.
* Should you wish to sign up for TOMONOKAI, please acknowledge the Terms & Conditions, fill the application form and email/fax to the specified contact point.
* For inquiries by phone, please contact JISTEC Tokyo Office.

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