[ Comprehensive Insurance System for Foreign Researchers ]

JISTEC who is well versed in foreign researchers and their families’ life in Japan, developed an insurance system, taking into consideration the situation and environment such researchers are placed in Japan.  It would be a pleasure for us if this insurance will help to lessen some of the concerns faced by foreign researchers and administrative staff at the hosting institutions.

Type of Insurance Policy : Overseas Travel Insurance
Policy Provider : Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Centre (JISTEC)
The Insured (The Compensated) : Anyone invited or accepted to work in Japan at institutes or organizations that are approved by the insurance policyholder, JISTEC.
Details of Compensation :
(Insurance amount per person/yen)
Type of Compensation Insured Amount (yen) Examples
Death due to injury 30,000,000 Death due to falling down from stairs
Permanent physical damage 30,000,000 Severe disability from a traffic accident
Treatment of injury 3,000,000 Receiving medical care to treat burns from cooking
Treatment of disease 3,000,000 Hospitalized treatment for flu
Relief assistance 2,000,000 Return airfare to receive medical treatment back in one's home country after hospitalization in Japan
Death from disease 3,000,000 Death from pneumonia
Claim for damages 30,000,000 Injuring a pedestrian while riding a bicycle
*For more details, please check under “Details of Compensation“ in the leaflet
Insurance Fee :
(Per person/yen)
Insured Period Total Insurance Amount (yen) Insured Period Total Insurance Amount (yen)
1 day 2,100 Up to 6 months 95,210
7 days 3,710 Up to 1 year 207,580
14 days 6,760 Up to 2 years 415,170
31 days 12,040 Up to 3 years 622,750
Up to 2 months 30,080 Up to 4 years 830,320
Up to 3 months 42,170 Up to 5 years 1,037,910
* For more details about this insurance system, please contact JISTEC Tokyo office.
* To sign up for this insurance policy please download the necessary forms below (Application Form and Beneficiary Notification Form) and send it to the specified address.

A Guide to General Insurance of Foreign Researchers

(Japanese, PDF)
Application Form
(Japanese, Excel)
Beneficiary Notification Form
(Japanese, Excel)