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As a solution provider for those involved in the field of science and technology, JISTEC aims to become a hub for domestic and global exchange.
As a new initiative for the 2015 FY, JISTEC will develop an information disclosure model and will further provide originally designed support systems for those in need.

In addition, for organizations, companies and individuals that approve of JISTEC’s activities and have become supporting members, relevant information and assistance relating to exchange activities are provided.

>> Publication of "Living in Japan - Guidebook for Foreign Researchers"
>> Management of the Comprehensive Insurance System for Foreign Researchers (Japanese Only)
>> An Integrated Information Database that Covers Facilities Related to Science, Technology, Industry, Tourism, and International Exchange
>> Compilation and Operation of"Science & Technology, Industrial Tourism and International Exchange Facilities Database" (Japanese Only)
>> Publication of Journal “JISTEC Report”
>> Lecture Forum “CST International Salon”
>> Providing information in relation to events etc.