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Government Agencies

» Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology [MEXT]

» Cabinet Office [CAO]

Related Organizations in Tsukuba

» MEXT Tsukuba Center for Institute

» Tsukuba Science City Network

» Tsukuba Special International Sterategy Zone (Japanese)

» Tsukuba City

» University of Tsukuba

Portal Sites

» Science Portal (Japanese)

» Science Portal China[JST Chinese Research Cente] (Japanese)

Project Parters

» National Institute for Environmental Studies [NIES]

» National Astronomical Observatory of Japan [NAOJ]

» Japan-Korea Industrial Technology Co-Operation Foundation [JKF] (Japanese)

» Japan Society for the Promotion of Science [JSPS]

Supporting Members (In no particular order)

» Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]

» Japan Science and Technology Agency [JST]

» The Watanabe Momorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology (Japanese)

» National Institute for Materila Science [NIMS]


» National Reserach Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention [NIED]

» Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology [JAMSTEC]

» Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan [RESTEC]

» Japan Space Forum [JSF]

» Fujitsu Limited (Japanese)

» Toshiba Corporation

» Toray Industries, Inc.

» Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» NSK Ltd.

» NEC Corporation

» Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

» Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

» Hitachi Ltd.

» Science Tour Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» Shiomi Services Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» Jun Ashida Co., Ltd.

» Tsukuba International Academy (Japanese)

» Sekisho (Japanese)

» Mizack Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» Kasumi Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» Asahi Business Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» ISC Co., Ltd (Japanese)

» Nikka Joho Corporation (Japanese)

» Nissin Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

» Autoliv Inc

» Nippon Travel Agency

Embassies and Overseas Organizations

» Embassy of Switzerland in Japan

» National Science Foundation [NSF]

» Embassy of France in Japan (French)

» The National Center for Scientific Research [CNRS]

» German Research Foundation Office Japan [DFG]

» German Academic Exchange Service [DAAD Tokyo] (German)

» Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan

» Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo

» Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan (Chinese)

» Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Republic of Korea (Korean)

» Australian Embassy Tokyo (Japanese)

» New Zealand Embassy Tokyo, Japan

» Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan (Japanese)

» Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

» The Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo

» Embassy of Sweden, Tokyo

» Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo, Japan

» Embassy of the Kingdom ot the Netherlands in Tokyo

» Embassy of the Czech Republic

» Embassy of Finland, Tokyo

» Embassy of the United Mexican States in Tokyo

» South African Embassy Japan

» Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Japana (Portuguese)

» The Industrial Technology Research Institute Japan Office

» Government of Flanders, Belgium - Investment and Trade

» Embassy of Ukraine to Japana

» British Embassy Tokyo

» British Council

» Embassy of Japan in Egypt - Study and Tourism Bureau (Japanese)