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As the world economy continues to become increasingly globalized and information-oriented, so too have the flows of people, goods, services and funds across international borders intensified. Furthermore, social systems, personnel training, research and development, and international activities to accommodate diverse circumstances are also becoming increasingly important.

Amidst these global trends, the Council for Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office of the Japanese government adopted the Third Science and Technology Basic Plan in 2006. A core policy under this plan was to emphasize the importance of science and technology that is supported by the public and which pays back into society, with a focus on developing human resources and a globally competitive environment. The plan also pointed to the need to establish a strategic focus for science and technology in areas such as basic research, as well as the need for progress in the training and securement of qualified personnel, the development of innovations, and the strategic promotion of international activities as systematic reforms to facilitate the application of science and technology.

With the Third Science and Technology Basic Plan ending in 2010, the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan was launched in 2011 to continue as the basis for Japan’s science and technology policies. Under the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan, emphasis was made on the need to develop policies that aim to realize innovation resulting from science and technology, with a particular focus on seeking to tackle some of the issues confronting mankind. Above all however, this plan further strongly underlines the importance of the internationalization of science and technology.

Under these policies for establishing Japan as a nation grounded in science and technology, there is a need to attract competent human resources from around the world by creating outstanding research centers. Although various efforts have been made to achieve this and thus to advance globally influential research in Japan, we believe that more detailed and effective measures are yet necessary. Clearly each university and research institute will have to make individual efforts to achieve this goal. However, it will also be essential to enhance the support system for these efforts, and improve the research environments.

The Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC) was established on 1 November, 1990, as an incorporated association that would meet the demands of the age of globalization and would be dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. The Center aimed to contribute to the international community by promoting domestic and international exchanges, providing support for research and to researchers, and promoting research in the fields of science and technology.

Ever since its establishment, JISTEC has focused on carrying out exchange programs and support programs for researchers and hosting international conferences, to ensure the steady implementation of the Basic Plan in its original form and subsequent revisions. Because of its track record, JISTEC is highly recognized as one of a few specialist institutions in this field both at home and abroad.

JISTEC is now active in a diverse range of programs and efforts in support of globalization activities based on Japanese policy in the fields of science and technology. They include hosting foreign researchers through fellowship systems, offering lifestyle support programs for such foreign researchers and their families, organizing and administrating international conferences and other global exchange programs between researchers in Japan and abroad, networking with foreign researchers who have returned to their own countries, and running programs to promote strengthened globalization at national, public and private universities which are themselves active in creating models to advance globalization.

We sincerely hope that you will examine the contents of the international exchange and globalization promotion programs of JISTEC, and look forward to your understanding of and support for JISTEC activities as a public interest organization.

Date of Foundation November 1, 1990
Date of Change of Status to Public Interest Corporation April 1, 2013
Representative Masuo Aizawa, President
Head Office 901 Dai-5-Azuma Bldg. 3-38 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0025
TEL. +81-3-5825-9391 , FAX. +81-3-5825-9392
Tsukuba Office 2-20-5, Takezono, Tsukuba City Ibaraki, 305-0032
TEL. +81-29-853-8250 , FAX. +81-29-853-8260
Jurisdiction Cabinet Office
Objectives of Activities The Association aims to work for the advancement of science and technology and to contribute to the international community through the promotion of international exchange, the provision of support to research and researchers, and the promotion of research in fields of science and technology.
Number of Members Corporate:36
Individual:11 (As of June 2017)
Scale of Operation Budget (FY2017) 281million yen
Number of Employees 23
Outline of Activities (1) Fostering communication among researchers in fields of science and technology
(2) Providing assistance to research activities and researchers in fields of science and technology
(3) Supporting research in fields of science and technology
(4) Providing living assistance for researchers both from home and abroad
(5) Collecting, organizing, and providing information related to science and technology, from both Japan and overseas
(6) Surveying and researching in relation to trends in domestic and international  science and technology
(7) Holding seminars and lectures related to science and technology
(8) Providing support in the running of international conferences on science and  technology
(9) Spreading and developing science and technology and conferring rewards to  researchers in fields of science and technology
(10)Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association

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In order for Japan to firmly establish itself as a country anchored in science and technology, it is necessary to further promote international exchange in this field. In order for the Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center to keep contributing to this endeavor, we are gratefully accepting donations. The donations received are used to carry out projects and research for furthering international exchange, the results of which are shared with society at large.

Donations made to this center by both individuals and organizations are eligible for tax relief. Enquiries regarding the details of tax procedures or donations are welcomed anytime, so please contact the administration department of the Tokyo main office if required.

We are very grateful for the generous support received for carrying out the activities of this organization.