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Copyright Information

All information, including this server (jistec.or.jp), are copyrighted and belong to JISTEC. Unauthorized use of this information without prior permission from JISTEC is prohibited.


Linking to this site can be done freely. However, JISTEC is not responsible for any changes made to URL links listed on its web pages.

Protection of Private Information

Any information capable of identifying an individual such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and places of work, which are obtained by JISTEC through written, electronic or web based project activities, are subject to data protection policies. This also includes other information, that while might not directly identify an individual still has the potential to be combined with other pieces of information corresponding to that individual. In relation to the protection of private information this center conforms to the relevant laws and guidelines.

JISTEC will only use collected private information within the limits of the objectives of its activities, as outlined below.

  1. For making inquiries in relation to planning and hosting meetings and events for workshops, including any relevant individual contact details
  2. For carrying out survey research for the purposes of analysis, and for sending out questionnaires
  3. For carrying out activities at JISTEC

Collected private information will not be shared with third parties except under the circumstances outlined below

  1. Permission is received from the individual concerned
  2. An inquiry is received from a government agency other than the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, or from local authorities, and there is both a compelling reason to share the information and it is necessary to do so for these organizations to carry out their activities
  3. Other situations where it is deemed necessary by law

In cases where private information is shared with a third party in accordance with the circumstances outlined above, where necessary there may be cases where other steps are required to be taken based on the law or other conditions.

In addition to strictly managing collected private information within the limits of the goals of use as stated above, efforts will be made to both prevent and redress any improper access and loss of information, as well as damage, falsification and information leakage. These efforts, together with thorough education for employees and a restricted access system, will be utilized to achieve a reasonable level of safe counter-measures.

In cases where the management of accumulated private information is commissioned to an outside entity, an appropriate entity will be selected in accordance with JISTEC’s regulations. The contracting of this work will include the clear stipulation of points regarding the pros and cons of the re-commission, the commissioned agent’s duty of confidentiality, and the contract period and responses in the event of an accident, as well as points relating to the return or deletion of private information following the end of the contract and measures to be taken such as contract cancellation in the event of the commissioned agent violating the terms of the contract.

In the event that an individual has a request for the disclosure, correction or deletion of private information held about them by this center, this center will respond in a prompt manner and will have an internal organizational structure set up in order to achieve this.

The private information protection system will be regularly audited internally and externally from here on, and will aim to continually improve.

Private Information Protection Policy