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Private Information Protection Policy

In order for this center to be able to carry out projects involving the exchange of researchers in the area of science and technology, grants for research and researchers, support with everyday living for researchers, support directly for research, and other such related projects, “Private Data Protection” is an important issue that must be considered.
In addition to the importance of private data and the social nature of the projects being conducted, it is also recognized that the protection of the private data obtained through the center’s activities should be treated as a top priority, and that the appropriate handling and safe management of private data is a very important social responsibility. 

In order for this center to meet this responsibility, a Private Data Protection Policy, or Private Data Protection Management System (PMS) has been established which will be followed by all board members and staff, with the aim of establishing appropriate management, handling and preservation of private data.

1. Acquisition, Use and Sharing of Private Information
In the event of this center being likely to acquire private information, the purpose of this data acquisition will be made clear, appropriate and legal means will be used, and the informed permission of the person(s) concerned with regards to the aims of the data collection will be obtained prior to carrying out the collection of this information. Furthermore, in the event of this data being likely to be used or shared for some purpose, this will strictly be carried out only upon receiving the permission of the person concerned and under no circumstances will be used or shared without this permission.

2. Abidance of Laws
At this center, whilst abiding to laws relating to the handling and protection of private information, national guidelines and other standards, the center’s Private Data Protection Management System (PMS) will consistently adjust to laws and other regulations and standards in carrying out appropriate management and administration.

3. Proper Management of Private Information
This center will strictly manage the storing of any private information acquired, and corrective actions will be carried out together with appropriate preventative measures for the leakage, loss or damage of private information.

4. Handling of Complaints and Inquiries
In the event of a complaint or inquiry relating to private data, request for notification of the intended purpose of use of data, or request for the disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of data, this center will respond in an honest, sincere and appropriate fashion.

5. Periodic Improvement of the Private Data Protection Management System (PMS)
This center will properly implement the planning, execution, review and re-adjustment of the Private Data Protection Management System (PMS), and will aim for its periodic improvement.

Date of enactment: 1st June 2011

Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center
Masuo Aizawa

*Private Information Protection Complaints/Inquiries Section

Private Information Protection Advocacy Head Office (Administrative Section)
Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center
3-38, Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025

Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center Privacy Management

* Chief Privacy Officer
Administration Manager
Ken Maruoka

* Aims of the Use of Private Information
Private information that is shared with this center is used for the purposes outlined below. In the event of private information being used for a different purpose, the person(s) concerned will be informed of the aims of the data usage in each individual occurrence.

1. Private Information Relating to Researchers and Students
- Information shared relating to events or seminars run by this center
- Correspondence relating to academic exchange or living support, and questionnaire surveys
- Management of individuals entering and leaving establishments belonging to this center

**There may be cases whereby in the context of achieving the above aims, the handling of private information is either consigned to or shared with another incorporated association, independent administrative institution or commissioned agency.

2. Information Relating to Staff of Other Contracted Agencies
- Conclusion of contracts with, or checking the performance of, other agencies with which this center may cooperate (such as commissioned companies and employment agencies)
- Management or direction of work carried out by employees of contracted agencies, and management of employment
- Checking the skills of technicians at contracted agencies
- Management of individuals entering and leaving establishments belonging to this center

3. Private Information Owned by a Commissioned Agency that is Obtained in Connection with Commissioned Work
- Execution of a contract with a commissioned agency

4. Personal Information of Job Applicants
- Sending information about job opportunities to potential applicants, recruitment and selection
- Management of recruitment practice at this center

**Sharing of Private Information with Third Parties
This center will not share the private information it receives with any third party without the prior consent of the person concerned, with the exception of the circumstances outlined below.

- Occasions where there is a basis in the law to do so
- Occasions when it is necessary to do so in order to protect someone’s life, wellbeing or assets, and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the person concerned
- Occasions when it is particularly necessary in order to improve public health or promote healthy child rearing, and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the person concerned
- Occasions when the cooperation of the center is required in order for government organizations, local authorities or commissioned agents to carry out legal proceedings, and the obtaining of permission from the person concerned could impede upon the execution of the appropriate formalities

**Handling of Requests for Disclosure of Private Information

This center will respond to requests concerning the disclosure, correction, or deletion etc. of retained private information without delay, once the identity of the individual making the request has been confirmed as being the same as the individual with which the requested private information is concerned.
Any private information that is disclosed through the request procedures will be used only for the purposes of checking the identity of the individual making the request and replying to the request.

**Sharing of Private Information through the Center’s Website
In order to carry out the registration of participants for seminars etc. on the center’s website, there are occasions whereby private information inputted at the discretion of the individual such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses etc. are received by the center. However please note that if such private information is not shared, there is a possibility that you will be unable to receive the corresponding service, so we ask for your understanding with this matter.