[Projects to Support Living and Housing for Foreign Researchers /
Management Services for International Accommodation]
( Commissioned by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) )

JISTEC has continuously carried out the maintenance and management of two residences for housing foreign researchers (Takezono House, established in 1991, and Ninomiya House, established in 2001) since their original establishment by the Japan Science and Technology Agency in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Under this project JISTEC provides lifestyle support for foreign researchers and their families living in the residences, while also aiming to contribute to international exchange in the science and technology field by providing a space for exchange to occur between researchers from both within and outside of the residence.

Currently approximately 300 businesses and research organizations employing over 10,000 researchers are based in Tsukuba Science City, representing the largest hub for research development in the country. With the continuing internationalization of Tsukuba Science City, the numbers of tenants in both residences has been steadily increasing, and for the past three years the occupancy rate has been around 85%. As of 2014, around 22 organizations and universities from the Tsukuba area were utilizing the facilities, providing accommodation for 684 households of researchers and their families hailing from 59 countries and regions.

Takezono House
(Rooms: Single 24, Twin 6, Family 6)
Ninomiya House
(Rooms: Single 104, Twin 80)


Ninomiya House took part in the “International Biology Olympiad” taking place in 2009, being selected to provide lodgings for a total of 221 high school students selected to take place in the Olympiad from all over the world. In doing so JISTEC provided a wide range of support for “international exchange in science and technology” in close cooperation with Tsukuba University, through carrying out projects relating to the reception and provision of lodgings for the delegations.

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Ninomiya House / Takezono House (special site)