[ Services to Support Foreign Researchers' Life in Japan ]
( Commissioned by various organizations )

JISTEC provides various types of lifestyle support for foreign researchers and their families who are working at universities and research institutes in Japan. These activities have their roots in the support JISTEC provided for the former STA Fellowship scheme (now the JSPS Fellowship), and now focuses primarily on responding to requests from research institutes in Tsukuba and the surrounding areas. JISTEC supports foreign researchers and their families by providing comprehensive lifestyle support in order to provide a better living environment.

The aim of providing this lifestyle support is to enable foreign researchers to give their full attention to their research activities by helping them and their families in dealing with the various everyday problems experienced in life in Japan. In doing so, this also reduces the administrative burdens of the host researchers.

In order to fulfill the objective of achieving a structured support system, JISTEC established a ‘General Support Center’, which provides helpful support by specialist staff.


The types of lifestyle support and the methods of its provision vary in style in accordance with the wishes of the commissioning organization.

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JISTEC’s Tsukuba Office is in charge of the foreign researcher support service projects. For enquiries and further information regarding these services please contact the Tsukuba Office using the contact details on the left, or alternatively send an e-mail to info (at) jistec.or.jp (please exchange ‘(at)’ for @)