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In order for foreign researchers and their families to be able to feel at ease living in Japan, it is absolutely essential that they be provided with support and information relating to everyday local conveniences such as medical care, banking, and using the post office, as well as support with procedures relating to bureaucratic administration and children’s schooling.
JISTEC has provided lifestyle support such as that listed below to foreign researchers and their families for many years, and has received high praise from individuals utilizing this service on the helpfulness and kindness of the support they received.

  • Foreign resident registration at local government offices
  • Intermediary service for visas
  • Enrolling onto various kinds of insurance scheme
  • Searching for accommodation
  • Accompaniment to hospitals (as a coordinator)
  • Information and procedures for enrolling into various kinds of schools and child care facilities
  • Telephone support for other issues relating to every day life

In addition to above, projects are also being carried out through media such as internet sites in order to provide varied information in relation to everyday life, as well as the accumulation of other useful information for hosting foreign researchers in Japan.

Our efforts can be represented in the publication of “Living in Japan – Guidebook for Foreign Researchers,” and in the operation of the Comprehensive Insurance System for Foreign Researchers, and the establishment of  Western Tokyo TOMONOKAI, a remote lifestyle support system for researchers in the western Tokyo area


Inquiries and consultation regarding lifestyle support projects are accepted whenever necessary. Please feel free to get in contact if any further information or clarification is required.

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