[ Survey on Facilitating the Entry of Researchers and Strengthening Networks
for the Promotion of International Collaboration in Research ]
(Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Under the item titled ‘Radical Strengthening of Foundation Research’ in the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan (approved by the Cabinet on the 19 August 2011), the goal was set to achieve 10% of researchers to have come from overseas. In setting this goal, it is hoped to accumulate talented researchers at the very forefront of their field globally and to facilitate the strengthening of foundation research to become globally top-level. Furthermore, this section of the Plan emphasizes the need to continue to promote the formation of world-class research hubs that are founded on cutting edge and large-scale research development, and which have high standards and an excellent research environment that enables them to play a central role in intellectual exchange occurring internationally.

In response to these national policy goals, JISTEC carried out an investigation into strategies for encouraging the acceptance of outstanding foreign researchers into institutions in Japan, as well as a survey into the current situation surrounding this issue. In order to develop this understanding, JISTEC conducted interviews and surveys at universities and research institutes across the country, and carried out a subsequent analysis of the findings to identify case examples of achievements and mistakes.
Furthermore, given the large impact of the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster on both the research and living environments of foreign researchers, JISTEC also extended the survey to investigate the effects and countermeasures for dealing with foreign researchers leaving Japan or postponing their arrival.

(This project was completed in 2011)