[ Investigation into the Conditions of Provided Accommodation and other Related Issues
for Foreign Researchers Working in Tsukuba City ]
(Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2010))

In 1965 the development of Tsukuba Science City was begun, and along with the construction of research institutes the living environment of the city was also overhauled. In light of aging lodgings and the changing needs of foreign researchers more than 40 years on from these developments, this investigation aimed to elucidate the current situation in terms of the maintenance and usage of accommodation provided for foreign researchers at public research institutes and universities. Furthermore, issues that typically arise when research institutes accept researchers from abroad were also analyzed and investigated.
While this research was being conducted, the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster occurred. As a result of this, a further investigation into the effects of this disaster on the living environment in Tsukuba was also carried out, with data being gathered in order to provide a useful base for related research conducted in future.

Research Report (Japanese only)
(Part of a larger working paper)
※The report provided on the website is an edited version on the report submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the complete set of surveys provided in the appendix has been deleted for this version.  

Report Overview (Japanese only)
(JISTEC Report Vol. 80)