[ Research Investigation into Measures for the Prevention of Severe Nuclear Power
Plant Accidents Based on Discussions among Domestic Opinion Leaders ]
(Commissioned by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology)

In order to prevent severe accidents from occurring at nuclear power plants, it is essential that the impossible myth of infallible safety in engineering is destroyed, and an appropriate conception of risk is incorporated into safety measures.

This project primarily targeted Japan's domestic opinion leaders, carrying out a review and analysis of issues relating to the implementation of strategies such as those suggested in the primarily technology-based report "Preventing Recurrence of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants", and in two-way discussions being happening at various forums and events. In doing so, this project aims to produce proposals aimed at government and the nuclear power industries.

The outline of the Domestic Forum and Inernational Symposium on “Societal and Scientific Risks of Nuclear Power” is reported on the JISTEC Report Vol.85 (Japanese Only).