[ Launch of a Homepage for Providing Remote Lifestyle Support to Foreign Researchers ]
(Supported by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology (2013-2014))

In order to contribute to the lifestyle support for foreign researchers who may be scattered across different regions, JISTEC is aiming to launch a method of providing effective and efficient remote lifestyle support. In order to achieve this, the necessary databases are being created for model areas, and a review and evaluation of usage is being carried out.
It is expected that this research will yield the following outcomes and applications:

  1. Carrying out of remote lifestyle support using specific regions as models, and verifying the potential of these models
  2. Provision of low cost lifestyle support for research organizations who participate in the project
  3. Provision of low cost lifestyle support for non-participating organizations in the designated areas through the simple undertaking of some additional measures
  4. Utilizing the remote lifestyle support models in the designated areas close to Tokyo in order to expand provision of lifestyle support for foreign researchers across the whole of Japan
  5. Through these steps, attempt to raise the quality of currently insufficient lifestyle support for foreign researchers, and contribute to the international exchange in the science and technology fields.