[ Research on How to Introduce Risk Information to the General Public
in View of Nuclear Power Plant Safety Restrictions ]
(Commissioned by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology)
In the first phase of this research project, an advisory proposal Preventing Recurrence of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants* was compiled by the Committee on the Prevention of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants.**  As a sequel, the second phase (Research Investigation into Measures for the Prevention of Severe Nuclear Power Plant Accidents Based on Discussions among Domestic Opinion Leaders) and the third phase (Research Investigation into Constructing Nuclear Power Risk Management Systems in the Nuclear Power Sector ) investigated and analyzed challenges faced in putting proposals into practice, raised questions to the Japanese government/nuclear power plant operators, and engaged in awareness-raising to gain understanding of the public.

The fourth phase of this research will wrap up the whole series. It focuses on the "setting of quantitative risk criteria" and other related factors in order to establish and diffuse clear systematic standards and provisions so that the general public could understand and discuss this them more freely.

*Its content can be viewed from Japan Association of Technology Executives (JAOTX) webpage (Japanese only).

**This committee has been working as a JAOTX project with the support of Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of New Technology and JISTEC. This committee is a voluntary group of experts and does not represent any specific interest group.