[ Research Investigation into Constructing Nuclear Power Risk Management Systems
in the Nuclear Power Sector ] 

(Commissioned by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology)

In order to prevent catastrophic accidents at nuclear power stations, the technologically impossible myths of perfect safety that have been propagated thus far need to be ended in favour of safety policies that incorporate accurate conceptions of risk.

JISTEC carried out a project titled Research Investigation into Measures for the Prevention of Severe Nuclear Power Plant Accidents Based on Discussions among Domestic Opinion Leaders’ until June 2014. In this project, an investigation and analysis was carried out into the challenges for realizing the proposals made by the Committee on the Prevention of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants in their report ‘Preventing Recurrence of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants’.

Various issues were also raised in relation to nuclear and national associations through a domestic forum and international symposium, which also served to raise broader understanding.

However, a system for risk evaluation has yet to be achieved. The current project was commissioned by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology, and aims to produce recommendations by gathering information and developing understanding on nuclear risk and risk management systems.

The reports for this research will be released as they are compiled.