[ Survey of Fellowship Programs
of Sending Japanese Researchers Abroad and Inviting Foreign Researchers to Japan ]
(Supported by the Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology (2011-2009))

In order to facilitate the acceptance of outstanding researchers from abroad and the dispatch of Japanese researchers to other countries, the consolidation of not just public funds but also various other funding information is desirable. This research therefore utilized an expert panel to collect, discuss and analyze information relating to fellowship programs for sending Japanese researchers to other countries and for inviting foreign researchers to Japan. The panel produced recommendations in relation to the fellowship system, and also organized the information in order to make it easier for researchers to obtain.

The organized information from this research was released in Japanese for domestic researchers (information on going abroad), and in English for foreign researchers (information on coming to Japan). Furthermore, due to high demand a version in Chinese was also added (information on coming to Japan).

(For Japanese;Jan.2010) (For Foreign Researchers;Aug.2011)