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International exchange programs in the area of science and technology have seen increasing numbers of researchers from abroad coming to work in Japan. The numbers of researchers staying here long term, however, has remained roughly even since 2000. On the other hand, not much increase has been seen in Japanese researchers going to work abroad, and the numbers of Japanese researchers working abroad long term has actually declined to around half the number at its peak.
The Science and Technology Basic Plan has identified the proactive advancement of intellectual exchange as being a crucial area within which the utmost effort should be made. JISTEC is therefore carrying out survey research necessary to try to further this goal.

JISTEC’s capacity for producing survey research is unique because it has previously undertaken a range of projects, enabling the achievement of a more comprehensive understanding due to overlapping themes between separate projects. Furthermore, because of this overlap between projects, a detailed follow-up can be carried out and the results of past surveys can be consulted when appropriate.

The findings derived from this research are subsequently released for wider consumption. General overviews and reports of the various survey research carried out by JISTEC can be accessed below.

>> Investigation into Local Area Issues and Needs in an Aging Society

>> Research on How to Introduce Risk Information to the General Public in View of Nuclear Power Plant Safety Restrictions

>> Research Investigation into Constructing Nuclear Power Risk Management Systems in the Nuclear Power Sector

>> Research Investigation into Measures for the Prevention of Severe Nuclear Power Plant Accidents Based on Discussions among Domestic Opinion Leaders

>> Research Investigation into the Management of Universities and Research Institutes within Japan and Abroad

>> Project to Develop a System to Support Exchange Programs for Researchers (Short-Term Visit) and Students in Science/Engineering

>> Survey on Acceptance of International Researchers and the Efficacy of Remote Lifestyle Support Call Centers

>> Analysis of Downstream Policy (Innovation/Societal Implementation) within Modern Science and Technology Policy

>> Research Project on Funding Systems that Accommodate Real Administrative Needs

>> Hubs for Raising Understanding Under New Science and Technology Innovation Policy

>> Launch of a Homepage for Providing Remote Lifestyle Support to Foreign Researchers

>> Investigation into the History of Science and Technology Policy and its Potential Applications through Acquisition and Consolidation of Internal Government Documents

>> Investigation into the Evolution of International Science & Technology Exchange Policy from Domestic Science & Technology Policy

>> Historical Research into Evidence Based Policy Making for the Area of Science and Technology Innovation

>> Investigation into the Employment and Treatment of Female Researchers in East Asia

>> Development of a Model for the Communication of Information and a Support Manual for Foreign Researchers in Case of Disaster

>> Research Investigation into Legal Issues Surrounding the Provision of Lifestyle Support to Foreign Researchers

>> Survey on Facilitating the Entry of Researchers and Strengthening Networks for the Promotion of International Collaboration in Research

>> Investigation into the Conditions of Provided Accommodation and other Related Issues for Foreign Researchers Working in Tsukuba Science City

>> Survey of Fellowship Programs of Sending Japanese Researchers Abroad and Inviting Foreign Researchers to Japan

>> Research Investigation into the Status of Researchers in Japan who are Foreign Nationals, or who are Japanese Nationals who Studied Abroad

>> JST China Research and Communication Center – Production of Conference Reports