[ Summer Institute /
Research Communication Activities for Japanese Graduate Students in Science and Technology]
(Commissioned by the Japan-Korea Industrial Technology Cooperation Foundation )

The Summer Institute is an exchange program that enables Japanese graduate students (enrolled on Master’s or PhD degree programs) to spend five weeks over the summer period working at public research institutes or university graduate research schools in Korea. This project has been running since 2008, and also provides students with the opportunity to study some Korean language as well as having cultural experiences and visiting historic landmarks.

Through providing the opportunity to get research experience in Korea, this project aims to build human networks in order to promote exchange between Japan and Korea in the area of industrial technologies. In doing so, it is hoped these activities will facilitate and strengthen joint research ventures between Japan and Korea and raise the industrial technological power of both countries.

This project was sponsored by the Japan-Korea Industrial Technology Cooperation Foundation with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. JISTEC had been commissioned by this Foundation to carry out the planning of this project, with the management being conducted by the Korea-Japan Cooperation Foundation for Industry and Technology.

(This project has completed in 2014FY)