Did you make an appointment for your Flu shot yet?


Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases strongly recommended that people, especially those regarded as at higher risk, get flu shots.
Vaccinations started October 1st but it is recommended that healthy people without any high-risk conditions should wait and take the shot after October 26th in order to let elderly people, children, pregnant women, and medical workers have the opportunity to get their shots first.
There is enough Flu vaccine for everyone but the government believes it is important to set an order of priority to avoid confusion at medical facilities providing vaccinations.

Children under 13 usually need 2 shots while adults only one.
However, as the number of people taking the flu vaccine this year is expected to be very high, some clinics will vaccinate children only once as well.
Please inquire at your clinic when making an appointment.
The cost varies depending on the clinic but approximately 3,500 yen-5,000 yen.
Many cities will aid with the cost for small children and people over 65 years.
Please inquire at your local health center.