Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

[Name of Business Operator]

Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center


[Name or Position Name, Department and Contact Information of Personal Information Protection Manager (or Its Deputy)]

Name of Personal Information Protection Manager: Kenkichi Hirose, Chief Executive Director
Contact: TEL 03-5825-9391


[Purposes of Use of Personal Information]
Personal information you share with the Center will be used for the following purposes. If your personal information is collected for other purposes, we will notify the intended purpose of use on a case-by-case basis.

    1. Personal Information Relating to Researchers and Students
      ・ Provision of information relating to events or seminars held by the Center
      ・ Correspondence relating to academic exchange or daily life support, and questionnaire surveys
      ・ Recording of access to the Center facilities
      * The Center may outsource the handling of personal information to other incorporated associations, incorporated administrative agencies or service providers, or use personal information jointly with such parties, to the extent required for fulfilling the abovementioned purposes of use. In which case, the Center will engage service providers or joint users that are considered to be handling personal information properly and procure that they will conduct proper management of personal information through stipulating in relevant contracts, etc. such matters as required for preventing leakage of clients’ personal information, including, but not limited to, proper management of personal information and confidentiality obligation.
    2. Information Related to Employees of Partner Organizations
      ・ Execute contracts with, and confirm contract performance of partner organizations (service providers and staffing agencies), etc.
      ・ Give specific directions to the employees of partner organizations, etc. regarding work/tasks, and manage their work and scope of employment.
      ・ Verify skills possessed by the experts of partner organizations, etc.
      ・  Manage their access or entrance to the Center facilities
    3. Personal Information Relating to Applicants for Job Openings and Registered Coordinator Positions
      ・ Sending information about job opportunities to potential applicants, and screening and hiring
      ・ Management by the Center of hiring-related tasks
    4. Personal Information Relating to Requesters of Brochure
      ・ Sending of requested document
    5. Personal Information of Employees
      ・ Personnel labor management, and management of work and health
    6. Personal Information of Registered Coordinators
      ・ Management of work
    7. Personal Information Entered on Contact Form
      ・ Response to inquiries
    8. Personal Information of Clients Entrusted to Us in Relation to Outsourcing
      ・ Performance of contracts with clients

[Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties]
The Center will not provide third parties with any of your personal information without your consent, unless:

      • required under laws and ordinances;
      • it is necessary to do so in order to prevent death, injury or property damage, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the data subject;
      • it is especially necessary to do so for improvement of public health or promotion of sound growth of the youth, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the data subject; or
      • cooperation of the Center is required in order for a central government agency or local authority or their agent to perform statutory functions, and obtaining consent from the data subject might obstruct such performance of statutory functions.

[Handling of Request for Disclosure of Personal Information]
Upon receipt of a request for disclosure, correction, deletion or otherwise of personal information retained by the Center, the Center will respond without delay once the identity of the requester has been confirmed.


[Discretionary Provision of Personal Information]
You may need to provide, at your discretion, your personal information on our website, including your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, when applying for a seminar, etc. Please be aware that, if you opt not to provide your personal information, the services, etc. you desire may not be available to you.


[Collection of Information by Means Not Easily Recognizable by You]
Cookies are for enhancing your convenience in browsing our website when you re-visit it. They are not intended for invading your privacy, nor do they cause harm to your computer.
All the sections of our website where you need to enter your personal information are secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption technology. We also have measures in place to safeguard information on the website, including setting up a firewall. Please be aware, however, that, due to the nature of internet communication, those measures cannot fully guarantee security.


[Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization]
The Center is not a member of any accredited personal information protection organization.


[Contact for Complaints and Inquiries Relating to Personal Information]
Contact for questions, complaints and inquiries relating to personal information
3-38 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025
Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center
Office for Promotion of Personal Information Protection (General Affairs Department)
TEL: 03-5825-9391    FAX: 03-5825-9392


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