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Personal Information Protection Policy

“Protection of personal information” is an important issue for the Center in providing and conducting researcher exchange programs in the fields of science and technology, grants to research and researchers, daily life support for researchers, projects including research assistance, and other related activities.


In light of the importance of personal information and the public nature of our activities, the Center acknowledges the protection of personal information as one of our priority activities and considers it to be its important social responsibility to ensure proper handling and safe management of personal information. In order to fulfill the said responsibility, the Center established its “Personal Information Protection Policy” and “Personal Information Protection Management System (PMS),” in accordance with which our board members and employees will ensure proper handling, management and maintenance of personal information.


  1. Upon collecting, using and providing personal information, the Center will clarify the purpose of collection of personal information, collect the same by a lawful and appropriate means, and obtain consent from data subjects while disclosing the purpose of collection in advance. Personal information will be used and provided only to the extent consented by the data subject and will not be used or provided without such consent.
  2. The Center will comply with laws and ordinances, government-prescribed guidelines and other standards relating to handling or protection of personal information and ensure that the Center’s Personal Information Protection Management System (PMS) is always in line with such laws and ordinances, other regulations and standards in order to ensure proper management and operation.
  3. The Center will securely manage and store any personal information it collects and implement appropriate preventive and corrective measures against leak or loss of, or damage to, such personal information.
  4. If the Center receives any complaint or inquiry about personal information it collects or any request for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion and discontinuation of use or otherwise, the Center will respond properly and in good faith.
  5. In order to achieve continuous improvement of its Personal Information Protection Management System (PMS), the Center will ensure proper design, implementation, check-up and review of the PMS.


    1. Date of establishment: April 1, 2011     Date of last update: February 28, 2019


    1. Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center


    1. Masuo Aizawa, President

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