Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC) supports globalization and development of science and technology in Japan.


Introduction of JISTEC



1. Establishment of JISTEC

JISTEC was established as a corporation in 1990. With authorization from the Cabinet Office, it was transformed into a public interest group corporation in 2013.

2. Location of offices

The headquarter of JISTEC is located in Akihabara, Tokyo, and there is a satellite office in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture.

3. Philosophy behind JISTEC’s activities

The philosophy of JISTEC’s activities is to support efforts for all international cooperation among industry, universities, public institutions, and so forth, in fields dedicated to the development of science and technology. Through these activities, JISTEC intends to contribute to the development of Japan and the world. Attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs) is a common goal for us all.

4. Different types of JISTEC activities

(1) JISTEC is commissioned by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to manage housing facilities in Tsukuba for international researchers (Ninomiya House & Takezono House).

(2) JISTEC partly undertakes implementation of JST’s “Sakura Science Plan,” a short-term exchange program which invites young people from Asia and other parts of the world. JISTEC is also commissioned to manage the running of “Sakura Science Club,” an alumni association of people who participated in the exchange program.

(3) JISTEC provides foreign researchers and their families with various daily life services including support for official registrations (City Hall, driver’s license, etc.), opening a bank account, going to the hospital and children’s daycare/ school procedures.

(4) JISTEC regularly co-hosts series of lectures on science and technology related topics with JST and S&TDC (Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle) under the Culture, Science and Technology (CST) International Salon.

5. Members of JISTEC

As a public interest corporation group, JISTEC consists of two types of members: regular members and supporting members. Both corporations and individuals are eligible for membership.

6. Collaboration with the diplomatic mission in Japan

JISTEC has a close relationship with the “Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle (S&TDC)” which is a circle of diplomatic members in Japan specializing in the field of science, technology and innovation.

(1) JISTEC plans and carries out science and technology one-day bus tours for S&TDC members to visit research institutions and innovative companies around Tokyo.

(2) JISTEC plays a role in bridging its members and other stakeholders with S&TDC.


Center Overview


Date of Foundation
November 1, 1990 (Date of Change of Status to Public Interest Corporation : April 1, 2013)
Masuo Aizawa, President
Head Office
901 No.5 Azuma Bldg, 3-38 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0025
TEL. +81-3-5825-9391 FAX. +81-3-5825-9392
Tsukuba Office
2-20-5, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032
TEL. +81-29-853-8250 FAX. +81-29-853-8260
Cabinet Office
Objectives of Activities
The Association aims to work for the advancement of science and technology and to contribute to the international community through the promotion of international exchange, the provision of support to research and researchers, and the promotion of research in fields of science and technology.
Corporate: 35, Individual: 9 (As of June 2023)
Scale of Operation
Budget (FY2023) 229million yen
Outline of Activities
(1) Fostering communication among researchers in fields of science and technology
(2) Providing assistance to research activities and researchers in fields of science and technology
(3) Supporting research in fields of science and technology
(4) Providing living assistance for researchers both from home and abroad
(5) Collecting, organizing, and providing information related to science and technology, from both Japan and overseas
(6) Surveying and researching in relation to trends in domestic and international science and technology
(7) Holding seminars and lectures related to science and technology
(8) Providing support in the running of international conferences on science and technology
(9) Spreading and developing science and technology and conferring rewards to researchers in fields of science and technology
(10) Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association



Head Office

901 No.5 Azuma Bldg, 3-38 Kandasakuma-cho,
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0025
TEL. +81-3-5825-9391
FAX. +81-3-5825-9392

Tsukuba Office

2-20-5, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032
TEL. +81-29-853-8250
FAX. +81-29-853-8260