Foreign Researchers Support Services

JISTEC provides support services for foreign researchers, who contribute to the development of Japan’s Science and Technology.

In order for the researchers to concentrate on their work as soon as possible after arriving in Japan,

and to alleviate the burden to their host researchers, various services are also provided to their family.

Outline of the JISTEC Support Services

In order to live in Japan with a minimum of stress, foreign researchers and their family need support in different aspects, such as searching for an apartment, procedures at City Hall, daycare center and school enrollment, hospital visits, going to the bank and to the post office. JISTEC staff come with many years of experience in providing foreign researchers and their family with help tailored to their specific needs.


Please feel free to contact us for details and consultation.



Types of JISTEC Services

Based on the knowhow accumulated through many years of experience, we provide the following services.


Support Services for Foreign Researcher


1. Services targeting foreign researchers and their family


They include helping them establish their new life in Japan, supporting them during their stay and helping with necessary procedures prior to their departure from Japan.


For example:

  • Resident registration and other municipal procedures
  • Opening a bank account
  • Enrolling in insurances including health insurance
  • Housing searching and necessary procedures
  • Visiting hospitals/clinics (accompanying and assisting)
  • Enrolling children in schools & daycare centers
  • Consultations concerning everyday life


2. Services targeting host researchers and other staff members


JISTEC’s seasoned staff conduct orientations for host researchers and other staff receiving foreign researchers, with specific advice according to their requests and needs.


For example, we advise on

  • the necessary information to provide to foreign researchers prior to their arrival in Japan
  • misunderstandings likely to occur hosting foreign researchers
  • ways to establish a pleasant relationship with foreign researchers



Please feel free to contact us.