Ume syrup, fun to make during rainy season.


Recently there have been a lot talks among my colleagues about the weather. Hasn’t the rainy season officially announced yet? When will it be starting? It seems it’s little late than usual this year…although, this annually wet season isn’t an exciting event to which we are looking forward, because it brings problems of facing molding everywhere; an annoying issue of always need to hang laundry inside the house; plus, nowhere outdoor to visit if it rains on a holiday. However, there are nice things about rainy season too ——let me name two of my favorite things: hydrangeas and Ume plums. Hydrangeas are so unique, one would never mistake them from other flowers because of their celestial beauty, also their demeanors often associated with the rain. Ume plums, of which rainy season is literally named after in Japanese—-梅(Ume plum)雨(rain), simultaneously become ripe along with rainy season. They are the materials of making into Ume boushi (dried Ume), Ume Shu (whine), and Ume juice. Ume plums might not commonly edible directly but Ume products are definitely imperative to Japanese cuisine. Ume Shu is a fruity alcohol drink; Ume juice is loved by both adults and children.

I did try to make Ume Shu over10 years ago, and it is still inside my house since Ume Shu can be stored just like wine, as long as you wish if you have made them properly. This year, I decided to make Ume syrup in order to enjoy Ume juice in the coming hot summer. Here is how I did it as a reference i you are interested in making some for yourself:

Things to prepare:

  1. Green Ume plums 500g (discard blemished ones)
  2. Rock surge 500g
  3. Hot boiled water (to sterilize glass jar)
  4. Glass jar (2L size)

Making procedures:

  1. Using hot boiled water to sterilize the glass container, leave it to air dry.
  2. Washing the plums tenderly, to avoid the skin blemish.
  3. Using kitchen paper to dry the plums
  4. Remove the stem ends by using a bamboo skewer.
  5. Alternately put sugar and plums in the jar.

Leave the jar to a cool and dark place for about 15~20 days, with shaking the jar once a day, the tart and sweet, fruity Ume syrup will be ready.

Can’t wait!