How to stay warm in the winter


It has been an unusually warm autumn so far but now the temperature is dropping and it will be quite cold for the next couple of months.

Keeping warm in your home can be difficult due to the lack of insulation in most apartments in Japan and using your air conditioner will only make your electric bill very high and since hot air rises, your feet will still be freezing.

Fortunately Japan is the paradise of ” 暖かグッズ” (warm & cozy goods) and here are some simple and inexpensive ways you can keep yourself warm.


Thermal underwear & other goods 「ヒートテック」

UNIQLO was the inventor heat teach but now many shops sell thermal underwear and they are a key item to keeping yourself warm in the winter without having to dress layer upon layer.

There are many different kinds of room wear and socks and legwarmers as well to keep your toes comfy when at home.


Warm water bottle 「湯たんぽ」

The most economically and ecologically sound way would be to warm up your bed for the night with a warm water bottle.

The Japanese oval-shaped ones are better shaped for warming up your feet and because we are after all in Japan…come with cute fluffy covers.


Kairo 「カイロ」

Kairo is a Japanese invention that can be bought easily at any drugstore. A heating packet (body warmer) that you can put in your pocket or your shoes. 

Some even have adhesive tape so you can put them inside your clothes like on your back or neck to keep you warm, they are also very soothing for aches and stiff muscles.

Some last only for a short time but some will stay warm for hours.


Electric Blanket 「電気毛布」

You can buy one from 3,000 yen and use it to warm your bed for the night or use it to wrap yourself up during the day when you work on your computer, etc.

An electric mattress pad for your bed would also be a good option.