The wonder of SUMO


I am a huge fan of SUMO, the Japanese national sport.

It is a sport that is full of tradition and still nonstop action. Each bout only lasts few seconds and you never know how it is going to turn out for your favorite Rikishi.

And we do have our favorites, someone we really like and even if they do not win, we still cheer for them. The tournament is interesting to watch once you learn a little bit about the rules and the personalities of the Rikishi players.

The Japanese national TV cooperation NHK has a good webpage with lots of information. Please have a look.

There are 6 bouts each year in 4 different locations in Japan and they are all broadcasted on live TV, with English comments and explanations on NHK World

Tokyo 3 times, January, May, and September. The other 3 tournaments are Osaka in March. Nagoya in July and  Fukuoka in November.

If you have a chance to go to the Kokugikan in Tokyo and watch it, I do recommend.

You can by tickets on the day but they are sold out very quickly so it is advisable to make reservation in advance. You can do so on the Japan Sumo association webpage.